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Thank you for your support of SB 583!

Thanks to your efforts, Texans WILL have access to an affordable, reliable, high-quality telecommunications network, no matter where they work, live or travel.

Please feel free to contact your Legislators to thank them for their careful consideration of SB 583.

Find your legislator here:

Help us preserve affordable, reliable telephone communications services everywhere in texas

Keep Texas Connected is an alliance of homeowners, businesses and community leaders who are dedicated to ensuring that every Texan has access to an affordable, reliable, and high-quality telecommunications network. This network allows our telephone companies to provide service access to Texas businesses and families, no matter where they work, live or travel.

The Texas economy depends on a robust, reliable and affordable statewide telecommunications network, and wireline telephone and broadband networks are what provide that foundation. Continued job creation and economic growth hinges upon access to a dependable wireline network.   Together, we are fighting to ensure businesses, schools, hospitals, and emergency first responders are not isolated by a lack of access to affordable, reliable telephone services.